I have a web application in which I use List collection. I'd like to replace this snippet by another more efficient.

List<Project> liste = notre_admin.Get_Project_List();
Project p = new Project();
foreach (Project pi in liste)
    if (pi.Id_project == id_project) {p = pi; break;}

I'd like to replace these lines of code by one line in which i use find method of the List.

How can I change the snippet ?


You could use Linq to resolve it. First, include the namespace:

using System.Linq;

After, try to find the first element using a lambda expression in FirstOrDefault extension method:

var item = liste.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Id_project == id_project);
if (item != null) 
   // use the object found

You can use LINQ for that (as Felipe Oriani suggested), or List<T>.Find method (which won't require additional include statements):

List<Project> liste = notre_admin.Get_Project_List();
Project p = liste.Find(x => x.Id_project == id_project);

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