Is there a way to flush all cache in Laravel 4? I'm using file for caching. I read on the docs that you can use Cache::forget('key') , but what if I need to delete all the cache?

An artisan command can also be useful, I think there's an issue on the repo, but not sure if it's implemented yet.



If you run php artisan list then you can find all the commands available for artisan, anyways, there is a command to clear the cache and it's

php artisan cache:clear

Also, you can use

foreach (Cache::getMemory() as $cacheKey => $cacheValue)



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    as of the time I'm writing this you can use Cache::flush() regardless of driver you are using. See the Laravel API Cache for this. – lukaserat Nov 18 '13 at 11:51
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    php artisan cache:clear might not always work in case of FileStore cache as the user who is executing the artisan command might not have write permissions to the cache files/directories. Usually the cached files are created by the webserver user who is not necessarily the same you use to run artisan. – Akshay Raje Aug 4 '14 at 10:11
  • Thanks @anonymous, I'll remember your advice and I'm really glad that you mentioned you downvoted because often some folks down votes anonymously and makes me confused. :-) – The Alpha Oct 23 '14 at 11:49

Illuminate\Cache\FileStore has the function flush, so you can use:

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use Doctrine\Common\Cache\CacheProvider as DoctrineCache;


to flush all cache.

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  • It's available in vendor/doctrine/cache/lib/Doctrine/Common/Cache/CacheProvider.php – devo Sep 19 '13 at 17:49

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