What does /.*=/ mean in the following jquery?

var id=this.href.replace(/.*=/,'');

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That's a regular expression that will select all characters before and including an equal sign.

The '.' means any character other than a newline.

The '*' means the character before it can appear any number of times.

The '=' is the regular equals sign.

So any character ('.') any number of times ('*') followed by an equals sign ('=').

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    '.' means any character different to \n, which includes '=' Also, * is greedy, so this regex will search for the last =
    – Null303
    Dec 11, 2009 at 20:28

That's a regular expression. The code will replace everything before the '='-sign (and the equal sign) with an empty string. So it will delete the = and everything before it.

My guess is that your url looks something like this http://mysite.com?id=3 then your variable id will contain 3.

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    And, since the * is greedy by default, it will erase everything up to the rightmost =.
    – Null303
    Dec 11, 2009 at 20:21

The /.*=/ is a regular expression. It replaces any number of characters followed by an equals sign with an empty string.


It's a regular expression (or regex).

A regex is a search and replace method which uses pattern matching to locate parts of a string that fit a pattern. (Similar to how a wildcard dir *.* lists all the files in the current directory).

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