I just downloaded CYGWIN for Windows 8. I'm using it because my professor wants us to do everything through the command line and I'm used to the linux setup on the computers in our labs, as opposed to trying to figure out cmd commands that go with the linux. When I open CYGWIN and type "ls" nothing shows up. When I type "cd ../.." it takes me to what seems to be the file structure for CYGWIN and it won't let me go up anymore after that. I feel like this probably is just a setup error. Will someone please help me out.

  • What does pwd show? BTW you can go to c:\foo by typing cd /cygdrive/c/foo. Commented Sep 20, 2013 at 6:13

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From cygwin, you can get to the C: disk as

cd /cygdrive/c/

Check here: for permanent solution.

As mentioned there: create a directory for each of your disks and mount them:

> cd /
> mkdir c
> mount c: /c
> mkdir d
> mount d: /d
> ...etc

Now you can directly go to the c: drive, for example:

> cd /c  

I just want to add some quick syntax for all UNIX programmer.

$ cd c:    "It will give U shortcut access to /cygdrive/c"
$ cd d:    "It will give U shortcut access to /cygdrive/c"

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