I can't seem to figure this out -

I want to do something like:

content = Restangular.one('contents', 2).get()
content.name = "Chunky Bacon"

But this doesn't work - content doesn't have a put function, and interestingly, it doesn't have a name, either (is that because it's a "promise"?)

Now, the Restangular docs do describe updating an object, but you get that object as part of a collection:

content_id2 = Restangular.all("contents").getList()[2]
content_id2.name = "Chunky Bacon"

And this works. But! Not only have I fetched the entire list, I can't figure out how to easily get my content by it's ID; something like Restangular.all("contents").getList().find(2)

customPUT(..) seems like the next best bet:

Restangular.one("contents", 2).customPUT("", {"content" : {"name" : "Chunky Bacon"} } )

Only when the Rails server receives it, params["content"] == {id: 2} - it seems like something on the client side is stomping that value. (Again, note, no name field). Now, I can work around it simply by doing something like:

Restangular.one("contents", 2).customPUT("", {"content_data" : {"name" : "Chunky Bacon"} )

but it really seems like I'm just missing how you're supposed to do this.


Alright, found it, thanks to this question:

#In the beginning:
Restangular.one("content", 2).get().then(function(c){
  $scope.content = c

$scope.content.name = "Chunky Bacon"

  • i've done the same and i get still the error "Object not found" when i call the function 'put'. – Asqan Jun 15 '15 at 8:44
  • That is because Restangular promises and the way values are used directly in templates changed: github.com/mgonto/restangular#element-methods – Eamon Bohan Jan 26 '17 at 4:14

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