I have a fairly simple web user control written in c# that places a telerik RadAsyncUpload control on the page. It's in a web user control because I wanted to fiddle with the save filenames in a consistant manner across my site and output some standard html around it.

I then place my web user control on a simple web form and then load this page into a div using jquery .load() method.

When I run the page in a browser window by itself, everything renders fine:

http://localhost/subPage.aspx   ---  All good, the RadAsyncUpload renders along with everything that is supposed to be there.

if I use the following code in my MainPage.aspx:


I get only the submit button being rendered in the html. Actually I get the following part of the rad control too, but not all of it:

<div id="rauUploads2" class="RadAsyncUpload RadUpload RadUpload_Default">
  <!-- 2011.3.1115.40 -->
  <input id="rauUploads2_ClientState" name="rauUploads2_ClientState" type="hidden">

Am I asking too much?? am I not able to do what I thought I could..??

Do I need to use a lightbox or something to display my subPage.aspx???


  • almost 5 questions in one...do you want us to do a project? Sep 23, 2013 at 6:25
  • I'm sorry if you read 5 questions.. I've put as much detail in as I thought would help for someone to hopefully answer the question and didn't ask once for code so no I don't want you to do a project. It boils down to "has anyone tried to use the RadAsyncUpload (telerik) control on a page loaded into a div using the jQuery .load() function".. Is that more succinct for you Arun?
    – Ads
    Sep 24, 2013 at 0:33


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