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could someone help me with calling the first constructor and putting it in the second and third? I may have some problems with the syntax, it seems...


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    The syntax for calling one constructor from another (constructor delegation) is indeed different. Use this(otherargs...) – Benjamin Gruenbaum Sep 21 '13 at 17:37

Your linked example is really long and I'm getting confused by all the non-English comments, so I'll just give you a short example. If you want to call another constructor within a constructor, you just use the this keyword. Here's a sample class that uses this to delegate the work of the "default" (no-arg) constructor to a 1-arg constructor:

public class MyClass {

  public final int X;

  public MyClass() {
    this(1); // Use X=1 by default

  public MyClass(int x) {
    X = x;


This technique is covered in Using the this Keyword: Using this with a Constructor in Oracle's Java Tutorials.

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