When I install my .zip visual studio project template into %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\ProjectTemplates it works, but this is a user-specific directory.

Is there any way to install such a project for every user in the machine? Something like a C:\Program Files\ location I mean. I've tried several "template" directories in the VS path inside Program Files but none of them worked.

How to install locally a .zip project template for Visual Studio?


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From How to: Locate and Organize Project and Item Templates:

By default, Visual Studio searches two locations for project and item templates.

Installed Templates: By default, templates installed together with the product are located in: \<VisualStudioInstallationDirectory>\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates\<Language>\<Locale>\

Custom Templates: By default, custom templates are located in: \My Documents\Visual Studio <Version>\Templates\ProjectTemplates\<Language>\


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