I have the free download version of Turbo Pascal 3.02 (http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/20792) and it works great to compile my old code in Turbo Pascal 2.0. Trying to figure out how to use the build-in editor. Anyone remember any keyboard shortcuts or knows of online documentation?

Just being able to save and exit the editor would probably be enough, but I can't even figure out that much.

UPDATE: The link provided by @Glassfrog was very helpful. Here are the keys from that file that worked for me also in MS-DOS Turbo Pascal 3.02:

Character left: (arrow)
Character right: (arrow)
Word left: CTRL-A
Word right: CTRL-F
Line up: CTRL-E (or arrow)
Line down: CTRL-X (or arrow)
Scroll up: CTRL-W
Scroll down: CTRL-Z
Page up: CTRL-R
Page down: CTRL-C
To left on line: CTRL-Q CTRL-S
To right of line: CTRL-Q CTRL-D
To top of page: CTRL-Q CTRL-E
To bottom of page: CTRL-Q CTRL-X
To top of file: CTRL-Q CTRL-R
To end of file: CTRL-Q CTRL-C
To beginning of block: CTRL-Q CTRL-B
To end of block: CTRL-Q CTRL-K
To last cursor position: CTRL-Q CTRL-P
Insert mode on/off: CTRL-V
Insert line: CTRL-N
Delete line: CTRL-Y
Delete to end of line: CTRL-Q CTRL-Y
Delete right word: CTRL-T
Delete character under cursor: Ctrl-G (or delete)
Delete left character: (backspace
Mark block begin: CTRL-K CTRL-B
Mark block end: CTRL-K CTRL-K
Mark single word: CTRL-K CTRL-T
Hide/display block: CTRL-K CTRL-H
Copy block: CTRL-K CTRL-C
Move block: CTRL-K CTRL-V
Delete block: CTRL-K CTRL-Y
Read block from disk: CTRL-K CTRL-R
Write block to disk: CTRL-K CTRL-W
End edit: CTRL-K D
Tab: CTRL-I (or tab)
Auto tab on/off (Indent): CTRL-Q CTRL-I
Restore line: CTRL-Q CTRL-L
Find & replace: CTRL-Q CTRL-A
Repeat last find: CTRL-L
Control character prefix: CTRL-P
  • Vaguely remembered something about ctrl-k. Experimenting a bit I figured out a few combos: ctrl-k ctrl-d: exit (and save?) ctrl-k ctrl-b: begin/end selection ctrl-k ctrl-c: paste (clone?) selection ctrl-k r: read block from file ctrl-k t: select word I'm sure there are many, many more. – pelle Oct 20 '13 at 18:39
  • The ctrl-k and ctrl-o ones are called wordstar keybindings. Still supported by Delphi and Lazarus. The *nix editor Joe also uses them (but with some variations from the borland ones) – Marco van de Voort May 8 '15 at 8:40
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CTRL-K D will make you leave the editor

Also look at this online document: Turbo Pascal Reference Manual Version 3.0 It's CP/M edition manual but i think it will be a good starting point.

Try these

  1. Alt + x (exit)
  2. F2 (save)
  3. F3 (open)
  4. Ctr + F9 (run)
  5. Alt + F9 (compile)
  6. Ctrl + Insert (copy)
  7. Ctrl + Delete (delete)
  8. Shift + Insert (paste)
  9. Shift + Delete (cut)
  • Nope, can't make those work. – pelle Oct 20 '13 at 18:36

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