According to this link, all the Opera specific icons, CSS sections and server-side headers are no longer supported in Opera newer than 12.16.

However in Opera 16.0, if you add sites like YouTube or Facebook, even Allegro.pl you don't get a miniature of the website but a fancy label instead.

Is it still possible to manage this view in current Opera?


Some of the partner sites come with images included with Opera. They can not be customized.

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    I've lost a day on this. With the help of my team at TurboLab.it and some HTTP examination, I can confirm what @PetterNilsen said: Amazon, Facebook and the like all have internal logo associations. No way for us mortal to do the same, for now. – Dr. Gianluigi Zane Zanettini Oct 13 '13 at 16:32

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