Using Grails' GSP <g:set> tag, is it possible to specify the type of the variable? I want to declare an integer variable, but <g:set> always declares a sting. For example:

<g:set var="x" value="100"/>

results in

class java.lang.String

I'd like to declare x as an integer. I noticed that using the JSP tag <% int x=100; %> results in:

class java.lang.Integer

Is there a way to do this the Grails/GSP way?


Use the ${} syntax when defining the value. For example:

<g:set var="x" value="${100}"/>

You can see the tag doc for g:set for more info.

  • Is is the preferred way to set variables than doing <% x = 100 %>? – Alexander Suraphel Nov 17 '13 at 13:32

Just as an additional comment for someone who comes across this since it is the only useful result on the Internet for and casting/Int/Sring/etc. This example works in the case of variables:

<g:set var="printLeft" value="${offer?.metaInfo?.redeemPrintY as Integer}"/>
<g:set var="printTop" value="${offer?.metaInfo?.redeemPrintX as Integer}"/>
<g:set var="printWidth" value="${offer?.metaInfo?.redeemPrintW as Integer}"/>
<g:set var="printHeight" value="${offer?.metaInfo?.redeemPrintH as Integer}"/>


<area shape="rect" coords="${printLeft},${printTop},${printLeft+printWidth},${printTop+printHeight}" onClick="printOffer();" />

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