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I'm following this guide on how to make your program in Netbeans into a standalone executable that can be distributed:

I cleaned and built the project in Netbeans, then tried double clicking the .jar in the dist folder of the project folder, but nothing happened. I then ran the project through the command line, going to the dist folder of the project and then typing java -jar "FileName.jar", and it ran perfectly fine.

The .jar file in the dist folder has a java logo, so I assume that it's not because of the first reason in the "Troubleshooting JAR File Associations" section of that guide. I suspect that it's because of the second reason.

And here's where I need help. I've tried following the path that they give, but I'm running Windows 8 and I can't find the "File Types" tab in "Folder Options", and so I can't go any further. Anyone know what to do?

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Update: I was kind of able to find what they specified in the guide under "Default Programs --> Set Associations", but I can't edit the command used to execute the file. – Nathan Chan Sep 23 '13 at 21:00

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See "how to run .jar file by double click on windows 7 (64)", "jar file doesn't open upon double click", "Running Jar file in Windows", and probably a few other answers here on StackOverflow.

From, see the "Troubleshooting JAR File Associations" section of the "Packaging and Deploying Desktop Java Applications" knowledgebase article.

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