I've put mail settings in app.config and can successfully pull them into a mailSettingsSectionGroup object. However, I'm not sure how to send a message using these settings.

This is what I have so far:

System.Configuration.Configuration config =     

MailSettingsSectionGroup mailSettings  = 
config.GetSectionGroup("system.net/mailSettings") as 

What do I need to do next to use the mailSettings object?



Specifically, the Send(...) method. SmtpClient will automatically pull the details from your app/web.config file. You don't need to do anything to use the configuration, it's all handled automatically.

Edit to add SMTP Web.Config Example:

        <smtp from="foo@bar.com">
            <network host="yoursmtpserver.com" />
  • Can you please provide an example web.config file or specify the schema that SmtpClient will read? – Ryan Gates Aug 12 '15 at 16:14
  • How the 'from' is pulled automatically? – mynkow Apr 19 '16 at 8:36
  • so I specify an address in "from" but when I use another address in the code the address in the code overwrites the one from config. and if I specify nothing in the code (null, empty string) an error is thrown. – Greg Nov 4 '16 at 14:31

I have a custom Class:

    using System;
    using System.Configuration;
    using System.Net;
    using System.Net.Configuration;
    using System.Net.Mail;

    namespace MyNameSpace
        internal static class SMTPMailer
            public static void SendMail(string to, string subject, string body)
                Configuration oConfig = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None);
                var mailSettings = oConfig.GetSectionGroup("system.net/mailSettings") as MailSettingsSectionGroup;

                if (mailSettings != null)
                    int port = mailSettings.Smtp.Network.Port;
                    string from = mailSettings.Smtp.From;
                    string host = mailSettings.Smtp.Network.Host;
                    string pwd = mailSettings.Smtp.Network.Password;
                    string uid = mailSettings.Smtp.Network.UserName;

                    var message = new MailMessage
                            From = new MailAddress(@from)
                    message.To.Add(new MailAddress(to));
                    message.CC.Add(new MailAddress(from));
                    message.Subject = subject;
                    message.IsBodyHtml = true;
                    message.Body = body;

                    var client = new SmtpClient
                            Host = host,
                            Port = port,
                            Credentials = new NetworkCredential(uid, pwd),
                            EnableSsl = true

                    catch (Exception ex)

And this pulls from my app.conf file just fine.

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