This is not a question but is an answer to the issues I was stuck up while creating custom Android module for Titanium appcelerator.

I was able to run the ExampleProxy provided by the framework but was having problems creating my own Proxy class.

I was able to access the proxy. After lot of search I got the reference of following question - http://developer.appcelerator.com/question/153993/how-to-create-a-proxy#answer-264746

Following response partially works-

"Thank you very much Benjamin Bahrenburg for the clarification. Also i thank Mads for your quick response.

Exact answer i was looking for : Need to remove the files in the bin, libs, and build folder. Then do a clean, in Eclipse. After all of that it tends to build. Please make sure you are using Ti 3.1.0 ( not 3.1.1 which has an issue)."

In addition on windows 7 machine I had following observations-

  1. The Module-generated folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ must be deleted.
  2. In the module folder delete following contents - entire contents of bin and libs and delete everything in build except \build\generated\Application.mk

It cost my 1 day to solve this problem.

to successfully create and run a ViewProxy, you have to:

  1. change its file/class name (from ExampleProxy) to ViewProxy
  2. clean the dirty files, including: build/, dist/, and some "lib.so " files in libs/ folder.
  3. execute ti clean in your "Titanium app" folder.
  4. your ViewProxy is not the same as the module name. e.g. your module name is: "GaodeMapModule", your proxy name should not be: "GaodeMapProxy", it doesn't work.

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