I am trying to create a conditional statement in ExpressionEngine that displays content based on the utm_source variable in a URL with Google Analytics campaign information.

If, for example, the url is

"www.mysite.com/landingpage/?utm_source=One" some content would be displayed

and if the url is

"www.mysite.com/landingpage/?utm_source=Two" some other content would be displayed.

To get started, I tried:

{if segment_3 == "?utm_source=One" }
    Do something special

But ExpressionEngine does not appear to recognize the URL tag info as a 3rd segment. Any ideas as to how I might approach this?



  • To my the best of my knowledge you would have to capture the query string in PHP (or maybe someone has written a plugin that would do this). I don't believe you can do this in vanilla EE.
    – AllInOne
    Sep 24, 2013 at 16:40

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One I found out about today: Mo Variables

Then your code would look like this:

{if "{get:utm_source}" == "One"}
    Do something special
{if:elseif "{get:utm_source}" == "Two"}
    Do something extra special
    Do something boring

There are others like this one that I've used before but just does what it says on the tin. Whereas Mo Variables does a whole lot more.

  • Thank you Peter and AllInOne. I did it (rather untidily) with PHP "REQUEST_URI", but Mo Variables looks perfect (and will make the template code much more intuitive).
    – mlattis
    Sep 25, 2013 at 18:40

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