I have a list of thousands of URLs contained in a CSV file. They're full length, including folders, variables, etc. I'd like to produce a list of the domains for further analysis. I found this relevant SO thread, but I'm new to Powershell and I'm not seeing how to iterate this over the lines of a CSV.

My CSV has only one column:


Here's what I'd like to end up with:


I've tried several iterations of the code I found in the other thread, but nothing has worked yet. Either I get errors, or the output is blank.

Edit: Here's the code that I've tried so far:

$file = Get-Content 'file.csv'
$domains = ForEach ($p in $file) {select ([System.Uri]$p).Host}

That gives no error, the code runs but $domains is empty.

$domains = ForEach-Object {$file | select-object [System.Uri]$file.Host}
$domains = ForEach-Object [System.Uri]$file.Host

These both give an error indicating that it's looking at the entire file, not looping through each line. I've now tried a few dozen variations on these, I haven't yet figured out how parse the URL in each line.

  • The accepted answer to the question you linked has the pieces you need. Post the code you're attempting and where you're having trouble, and we can help you with it. – alroc Sep 25 '13 at 0:32
  • In your edit, you've misspelled the last $domains as $domians. – Anthony Neace Sep 25 '13 at 0:50
  • Thanks for the tip Hyper Anthony. I got excited when I thought it was something this simple, but alas, that's not it. Still trying... – Lenwood Sep 25 '13 at 0:53

You do need to loop through each item that you read from the file (which you're not doing in the last 2 examples; you're kind of doing it backwards).

$hosts = Get-Content file.csv;
$hosts|ForEach-Object {$url = New-Object System.Uri $_;$url.Host};
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Here is an answer that builds on what alroc showed, but adds making the list of hosts unique:

$domains = (gc file.csv)|%{(New-Object System.Uri $_).Host)|select -unique

Breaking this down:

  • $domains is the variable that is going to contain the list of unique hosts
  • gc is an alias for Get-Content - it reads in the file line by line
  • the | (pipe) character reads each line from gc and passes it to the next expression
  • % is an alias for ForEach-Object, and $_ is a special variable that holds the current value that each is being passed along the pipeline (one line of text from file.csv in this case)
  • New-Object creates a new instance of the Uri class with the URL from file.csv
  • The parenthesis () wrap the new object, allowing the property dereference operator . to be used to access the Host property of the Uri object. According to the MSDN docs this property contains just the "domain" part of the URL as you call it.
  • The resulting hosts are then piped to the select cmdlet (alias for Select-Object) that has a switch -unique that as you may guess, filters the values coming through it to be just the unique/distinct values.

I hope this helps!

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