We are working with JIRA 6.0.8 and i would like to know how i can make Labels on Issues case-insensitive (like the behavior of Components field)

I have a Component(s) namend "ClientManagement" and when i type the letter "c" or "C" in the field Components of an Issue the Drop-Down gets filtered and the component ClientManagement is preselected.

enter image description here

The Label(s) field works a little diffrent cause it is case-sensitive. So if i have a Label named "Exception" and start typing "e", the Drop-Down does get filtered, but "Exception" is not in the List and i only have the option to create a new Label named e.

Label(s) field typed in "e" enter image description here

Label(s) field typed in "E" enter image description here

As far as i know are Labels used for all projects in JIRA and we really want to avoid that multiple labels are greated that differ only in upper and lowercase.


Vote for JRA-24907 labels should be case insensitive - it's currently got 92 votes

  • 521 votes and still doesn't get attention :-( – The_Ghost Oct 4 '16 at 11:24

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