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<div id="slider">
    <div id="pro1"></div>
    <div id="pro2"></div>
    <div id="pro3"></div>

<div id="thumb">
    <a href="#pro1"> <img id="tpro1" src="projects/tpro5.jpg" style="height: 100%;"></a>
    <a href="#pro2"> <img id="tpro2" src="projects/tpro5.jpg" style="height: 100%;"></a>
    <a href="#pro3"> <img id="tpro3" src="projects/tpro5.jpg" style="height: 100%;"></a>

This is the code i worked with, when i click on the link it is just jumping to that div so i want some animated horizontal scroll to show that div


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Did u solved the problem already?

look, i tried this and it worked for me so, i think it can work for u ;) Dont even need the element < a >

$("#thethingyougonnaclick").click(function() {
    $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop:$("#theelementidtoscroll").offset().top}, 500);

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