I'm looking for a function which can extract the domain name from a URL in R. Any function which is similar to tldextract in R? EDIT: Currently i'm using the below approach:

   which(strsplit("www.google.com",'')[[1]]=='.')[1]+1, nchar("www.google.com"))

But i'm looking for a pre-defined function which can save the coding effort.


I don't know of a function in a package to do this. I don't think there's anything in base install of R. Use a user defined function and store it some where to source later or make your own package with it.

x1 <- "http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19020749/function-to-extract-domain-name-from-url-in-r"
x2 <- "http://www.talkstats.com/"
x3 <- "www.google.com"

domain <- function(x) strsplit(gsub("http://|https://|www\\.", "", x), "/")[[c(1, 1)]]

sapply(list(x1, x2, x3), domain)
## [1] "stackoverflow.com" "talkstats.com"     "google.com"
  • This was exactly i was looking for. A function which can handle any possible type of URL. – Prasun Velayudhan Sep 26 '13 at 6:56

You can also use the relatively new urltools package:


URLs <- c("http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19020749/function-to-extract-domain-name-from-url-in-r",
          "http://www.talkstats.com/", "www.google.com")


##                host subdomain        domain suffix
## 1 stackoverflow.com      <NA> stackoverflow    com
## 2 www.talkstats.com       www     talkstats    com
## 3    www.google.com       www        google    com

It's backed by Rcpp so it's wicked fast (significantly more so than using built- in R apply functions.


I just wrote this regex which can be applied to emails and websites for extracting and matching on domain. The regex could be modified to extract different parts, and it is vectorized. I do some additional processing which is totally optional.

invalid_domains = "yahoo.com|aol.com|gmail.com|hotmail.com|comcast.net|me.com|att.net|verizon.net|live.com|sbcglobal.net|msn.com|outlook.com|ibm.com"
domain <- function(x){
  to_return <- tolower(as.character(x))
  to_return <- gsub('.*[.@/]+([^.@:/]+[.][a-z]+)(/.*$|$)','\\1',x,ignore.case=T) # extract domain. \\1 selects just the first group.
  to_return <- gsub(".ocm", ".com", to_return) # correct mispellings
  # to_return <- ifelse(grepl(invalid_domains,to_return),NA,to_return) # (optional) check for invalid domains, especially when working with emails.
  to_return <- ifelse(grepl('[.]',to_return),to_return,NA) # if there is no . this is an invalid domain, return NA

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