When I want to install a library like libxml2 on ubuntu, I enter sudo apt-get install libxml2 and enter tab key. There are several names come out such as libxml2, libxml2-dev, libxml2-dbg and libxml2-uils.

What are the full name of these suffixes? Which one do I need to install?

  • -dev denotes development branch, -dbg would denote debug version, -utils would imply utilities.
    – devnull
    Sep 26, 2013 at 15:33

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libxml2-util: This package provides xmllint, a tool for validating and reformatting XML documents, and xmlcatalog, a tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML catalog files.

libxml2-dev: Install this package if you wish to develop your own programs using the GNOME XML library.

libxml2-debug::This package provides the debugging symbols for the library and for the utilities provided by the libxml2-utils package. Debugging symbols for the Python modules are not available

Answer of which one you need to install will be based on your need and what you want to do with package. if you just want to use it then util should be fine.


In general,

-dev: Contains the library interface (header files) in case you are developing a program that wants to link to it.

-dbg: Contains debugging symbols, which usually just used by developers linking against that software or people debugging the software.

-utils: (I'm speaking from my Debian experience) Usually provides some additional command line tools. It may expose the user to internal features or just provide a CLI.

Having different packages like this is all about removing features and/or accessibility to reduce file size. This allows for faster downloads and less used disk space.

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