I have a level editor that uses a coordinate system based in AndEngine.

Which uses anchor center point to the left lower corner of sprites, and 0,0 is top left corner.

The problem is i am using the physics in my Libgdx project and i use the width, height, x and y coordinates for Box2D Polygon shapes from the xml generated from my level editor.

When i use the width, height, x and y, the bodies are placed at positions i don't want them to be placed at and way to big.

With that being said, how do i make the coordinates, and dimensions show up in the same way as created in the editor?

  • Do you have a pixels to meters value established and in use? – Jeremy Scoggins Sep 28 '13 at 17:01

You need to check the differences between the Level Editor coordinates and Libgdx coordinates. And make a loader for that level editor with them. (You can even share your loader in the forums if good hearted :p)

For example: One difference that you mention is that sprite position in the editor is top-left corner, libgdx is bottom-left corner. In your loader you can place the sprites 1 spriteheight below, and that would be enough for that difference :)

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