How can I get Emacs style key bindings in Visual Studio? Is it available in Settings? Do I need a Plug-in?


You can try the Emacs keyboard scheme (Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard)


Xkeymacs does a really good job of this. It is possible to configure this tool for every application running on your desktop.

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    I used Xkeymacs for a few weeks, but found I was having weird problems with the keyboard commands being trapped. I stopped using Xkeymacs and the issues went away... It was great, while it lasted... – Michael Paulukonis Nov 17 '10 at 17:01
  • Thanks for this suggestion. I was having the problem of my CTRL+v et al. being captured like @MichaelPaulukonis was. I fixed it by going into the Xkeymacs properties and setting the "default" to "Disable XKeymacs" and only enabling it for the applications I wanted (like visual studio, notepad, SAS, etc.). Additionally, if you just want copy-paste to work, you can uncheck the C-v keybinding and it will then pass that command through to the underlying app, which executes a paste. – Matt Klein Sep 30 '13 at 18:08

With Settings:

Try the Emacs keyboard scheme on Environment options.


I have only seen this one: VisEmacs, it will integrate Emacs as the default text editor for Visual Studio.


After posting that Emacs keybindings/emulation would no longer be available in Visual Studio 2010, Emacs Emulation is now available as a free extension for VS 2010.


I use VisEmacs because the emacs keyboard scheme isn't quite as nice as emacs itself.

  • Does VisEmacs work with VS2010? It doesn't look like it's been updated in 4 years... – James Baker Dec 16 '11 at 1:40

Unfortunately, the Emacs emulation extension for VS 2010 is not officially supported for VS 2012.

However, a workaround is possible if follow the steps outlined in this answer for an SO question on getting Emacs key-bindings in VS2012


A quick Live search for "visual studio emacs" gave this page. I'm not sure how thorough it is though (having never used emacs myself).


I used the Emacs keyboard scheme for a few days, but it quickly drove me crazy -- I couldn't rebind keys they way I was used to in Emacs (or couldn't find how to rebind quickly).

I should try XKeyMacs....


If you're using Visual Studio Express 2008 and want the Emacs key bindings then you need to install the Visual C++ edition of VSE 2008. Initially I only installed the C# edition and there were no custom key bindings in Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard. Once I installed the C++ edition the Emacs key bindings became available in both products.

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