Before I ask this question, let me mention I know there are several of the exact same questions on the site but I am afraid they can't help me out.


Yesterday my ReCaptcha was working fine but now it's not. I am using the library provided by Google and using the proper code. I did not change any code since yesterday so it should still work. However, when I try to submit the form now the page returns Could not open socket.

Edit: I just checked and fsockopen is enabled on my server.


I came into same issue, but all the alternative host names I googled already don't work. A very good advice that helped me was from Recaptcha google group


define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname("www.google.com"))

Works just fine for me.


Changed the following:

define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "www.google.com");



Now it works. This is to be edited in the captcha lib php file recaptchalib.php.

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    i have replaced but nothing happened same error occured "Could not open socket". i have tryed following.. define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "www.google.com"); define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", ""); define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname("www.google.com")); define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "api-verify.recaptcha.net"); define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", ""); define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname("www.google.com")); May 30 '14 at 6:36
  • Works for me! Thanks! Jul 2 '14 at 6:45
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    It works now, but I wonder how often Google changes their IP address.. It should work for some time, but it looks like a temporary solution for me. Thanks for idea, anyways ;) Jul 18 '14 at 7:10

Open your cmd and type: ping www.google.com The google server replay: Replay from xxx.xxx.xx.xxx ... take the ip

Edit your recaptchalib.php

At the line

define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "www.google.com");

replace the www.google.com with the google IP address

define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx);

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