This is what I tried

f = 1.2
f = Marshal.dump(f) #\004\bf\v1.2\00033

after that I tried to save this f into text column and this is an error I got.

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: SQLException: unrecognized token: "fϾ1.2 33" (Ͼ is male symbol, but I can't find one).
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i use a simple wrapper in my model that dumps the data and encodes it base64 so that it is a raw string:

def data=(data)
  write_attribute :data, ActiveSupport::Base64.encode64(Marshal.dump(data))

def data
  Marshal.load(ActiveSupport::Base64.decode64(read_attribute :data))

phoet's answer is good, I only added support for empty values so you don't get error while loading.

def education=(data)
  write_attribute :education, ActiveSupport::Base64.encode64(Marshal.dump(data))

def education
  data = read_attribute :education
  if data

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