I have a question about GSON library

Here is my source code of a class

public class Response<T>
    public int count;
    public ArrayList<T> items;

    public Response()


public class AudioDto
    public long id;

    public long owner_id;

    public String artist;

    public String title;

    public long duration;

    public String url;

    public long lyrics_id;

    public long album_id;

    public long genre_id;

    public String toString()
        return "AudioDto [id=" + id + ", owner_id=" + owner_id + ", artist=" + artist + ", title=" + title + ", duration=" + duration + ", url=" + url + ", lyrics_id=" + lyrics_id + ", album_id=" + album_id + ", genre_id=" + genre_id + "]";


And here

        Gson gson = new Gson();

        Response<AudioDto> response = new Response<AudioDto>();
        response = gson.fromJson(responseElement, response.getClass());

The question is:

How to make GSON deserialize JSON string into Response object and all items to AudioDto object. If I manually specify ArrayList<AudioDto> it takes into account that items in "items" field are objects of type AudioType but with parameterized type it seem like it is casting it to Object class.

Here is JSON String

{"count":166,"items":[{"id":231270625,"owner_id":205245503,"artist":"John Newman","title":"Love Me Again","duration":235,"url":"http://cs9-2v4.vk.me/p20/1ee1a056da24cb.mp3","lyrics_id":111547947,"genre_id":17},{"id":230612631,"owner_id":205245503,"artist":"Florence and The Machine","title":"No Light, No Light","duration":274,"url":"http://cs9-5v4.vk.me/p19/51a5b460796306.mp3","lyrics_id":20459437,"genre_id":18},{"id":230612324,"owner_id":205245503,"artist":"Backstreet Boys","title":"Incomplete","duration":239,"url":"http://cs9-4v4.vk.me/p13/b8dcc4cee8bf03.mp3","lyrics_id":268139,"genre_id":1}]}
  • 1
    please post Json String (responseElement) that you want to deserialize – Maxim Shoustin Sep 28 '13 at 10:01
  • Also please provide your class AudioDto – anubhava Sep 28 '13 at 10:15
  • Provided as requested. – tvoloshyn Sep 28 '13 at 10:22

First of all you can't use ArrayList<T> items; because Gson tries to converts it to LinkedList.

So use List<T> instead.

After, you can try:

GsonBuilder gsonB = new GsonBuilder();
Type collectionType = new TypeToken<Response<AudioDto>>() {}.getType();
//Response<AudioDto> response = new Response<AudioDto>();  // you don't need this row

Response<AudioDto> response = gsonB.create().fromJson(responseElement, collectionType);

//assert(response != null);

BTW, use Gson gson = new Gson(); instead GsonBuilder gsonB = new GsonBuilder();.

Nothing to configure there.

About type

As I know you can't create Type of <T>. But you can use Type of <AudioDto> instead:

Launcher class

LoadJson<AudioDto> lj = new LoadJson<AudioDto>();
Type collectionType = new TypeToken<Response<AudioDto>>() {}.getType();        
Response<AudioDto> response  = lj.load(responseElement, collectionType);  

LoadJson class

 public class LoadJson<T> {

 Response<T> load(String responseElement, Type classType){

  Gson gson = new Gson();

    Response<T> response = gson.fromJson(responseElement, classType);

  return response;
  • That' what I need ! I have been trying something like that, although, I was using ArrayList instead of List. Thank You !!! – tvoloshyn Sep 28 '13 at 10:30
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to do something like that: public class Response<T> { public int count; public List<T> items; public Type classType = new TypeToken<Response<T>>() {}.getType(); } – tvoloshyn Sep 28 '13 at 10:48

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