Could anyone give me a tip how to set up CRON jobs for a Rails app that's running on Amazon EC2 (Ubuntu)?

Trying to find some tutorials or tips how to make it work, but still without any success. Thank you

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Try creating a model method which execute a task for your crondjob. You can execute the script by using rails runner.

rails runner 'User.deliver_reminder_emails!'

The whenever gem can even do fancier stuff: https://github.com/javan/whenever


You should have a look at rake tasks. Check this, this and this.

Running them is as simple as

rake foo:bar

You can schedule the same in your crontab; You might need to setup the correct PATH variable in case you are managing gems locally using rvm and bundler.


This worked out to be rather tricky for me, as the ELB-EC2 instance was trying to run a cron job as root, which seemed to result in a different set of permissions, bundle, etc.

It's a bit hacky, but this worked:

 sudo su ec2-user bin/bash -lc "cd /var/app/current && /opt/rubies/ruby-2.1.8/bin/bundle exec/bundle exec rails runner -e your_env \"Model.do_something\""

Basically, su to the user that usually runs rails, and explicitly state the paths for bundle.

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