I have the ordinary scala-2.10 macros working in a maven project just by including the scala-reflect.jar library as a dependency in the pom, but what do I need to turn on macro-paradise? I am using scala-2.10 and scala-maven-plugin-3.1.5.


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Looks like I got it to work with the following additions to the pom.xml

      <name>sonatype sapshots</name>


      ... scala-maven-plugin identification...
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    Is there something like CrossVersion.full in Maven? Sep 30, 2013 at 12:13

for me although with the above relative clear description, I still can't figure out where this should be placed. and then this link helped: example config

and I always had trouble fill in the correct groupId and arti-fact Id for this. as it disagrees in the above and scala-lang ref, until I opened oss repo and figured out the listed config there.

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