Can't rebase stream to the foundation baseline. Probably the baseline is corrupted.

Is it possible to fix this baseline?

cleartool: Error: Version map for baseline is unavailable.
cleartool: Error: Unable to get unlabelled baselines in foundation
cleartool: Error: Unable to determine if configuration is valid
cleartool: Error: Unable to rebase stream

First, are you sure to select the right baseline?

If you select a composite baseline, it is per its nature unlabelled.

Second, what version of ClearCase are you using? Is your project a multisite one?

Your error message is seen in the IBM technote "Creating a child stream in a ClearCase MultiSite environment results in Error"

The root cause for the problem is that baselinelbtype on a site where you are creating the stream has got a following postfix:


whereas the baselinelbtype on a site where baseline has been created and it's mastered object is as follows:


You can check out this IBM technote "Version map for baseline is unavailable"

To confirm this issue, go to a command prompt, change directory (cd) into a UCM view and into the root of the component with the offending baseline.

  • Run a cleartool lsbl -l and check on each baseline from the bottom up for Label Status, noting those that are unlabelled baselines.
  • Then starting at the oldest unlabelled baseline and working forward, run chbl
  • cleartool chbl -incremental baseline:@\.
  • This will apply a label status to each unlabelled baseline and will then allow a rebase of a child stream.
  • recommended latest baseline on the int stream and rebased. – user2370590 Oct 1 '13 at 15:13

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