Probably could be a rare petition, but here is the issue.

I am adapting an excel of a third-party to my organization. The excel is developed in English and the people of my organization just speaks Spanish. I want to use exactly the same code that the original worksheet have, I prefer don't touch it (although I can do it), so I want to use a function that every time that a msgbox appears (with the text in English), I translate the msgbox messages but without touching the original script. I am looking for a mask that could be called every time that a msgbox is invoked in the original code.

I prefer don't touch the original code because the third-party developer could change it frequently, and it could be very annoying to change the code every time that they do any little change.

Is that possible?

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    yes, it's possible. – user2140173 Sep 30 '13 at 15:41

Here you go.

  Sub test()
    Dim s As String
    s = "hello world"
    MsgBox transalte_using_vba(s)

End Sub

 Function transalte_using_vba(str) As String
' Tools Refrence Select Microsoft internet Control

    Dim IE As Object, i As Long
    Dim inputstring As String, outputstring As String, text_to_convert As String, result_data As String, CLEAN_DATA

    Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.application")

    inputstring = "auto"


    outputstring = "es"

    text_to_convert = str

    'open website

    IE.Visible = False
    IE.navigate "http://translate.google.com/#" & inputstring & "/" & outputstring & "/" & text_to_convert

    Do Until IE.ReadyState = 4

    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:5"))

    Do Until IE.ReadyState = 4

    CLEAN_DATA = Split(Application.WorksheetFunction.Substitute(IE.Document.getElementById("result_box").innerHTML, "</SPAN>", ""), "<")

    For j = LBound(CLEAN_DATA) To UBound(CLEAN_DATA)
        result_data = result_data & Right(CLEAN_DATA(j), Len(CLEAN_DATA(j)) - InStr(CLEAN_DATA(j), ">"))

    transalte_using_vba = result_data

End Function
  • Thanks for this answer very helpfull for the translation. Adittionally I want to have a function that everytime that a msgbox is called this translate function is invoked. – MariPlaza Oct 9 '13 at 12:23
  • @user1827572 msgbox was for demo purpose. You may take that value in a string and use it. – Santosh Oct 9 '13 at 12:32
  • Really appreciate that language detection auto – Teamothy Sep 25 at 8:37

This is how I would do it. It's function with optional enumeration objects that point to language codes used by google translate. For simplicity I only included a few language codes. Also, in this sample I selected the Microsoft Internet Controls reference so instead of creating an object, there's an InternetExplorer object used. And finally, to get rid of having to clean up the output, I just used .innerText rather than .innerHTML. Keep in mind, there's a character limit of around 3000 or so with google translate, and also, you must set IE=nothing especially if you will be using this multiple times, otherwise you will create multiple IE processes and eventually it won't work anymore.


Option Explicit

Const langCode = ("auto,en,fr,es")

Public Enum LanguageCode
    InputAuto = 0
    InputEnglish = 1
    InputFrench = 2
    InputSpanish = 3
End Enum

Public Enum LanguageCode2
    ReturnEnglish = 1
    ReturnFrench = 2
    ReturnSpanish = 3
End Enum


Sub Test()

Dim msg As String

msg = "Hello World!"

MsgBox AutoTranslate(msg, InputEnglish, ReturnSpanish)

End Sub


Public Function AutoTranslate(ByVal Text As String, Optional LanguageFrom As LanguageCode, Optional LanguageTo As LanguageCode2) As String

Dim langFrom As String, langTo As String, IE As InternetExplorer, URL As String, myArray

If IsMissing(LanguageFrom) Then
    LanguageFrom = InputAuto
End If
If IsMissing(LanguageTo) Then
    LanguageTo = ReturnEnglish
End If

myArray = Split(langCode, ",")
langFrom = myArray(LanguageFrom)
langTo = myArray(LanguageTo)

URL = "https://translate.google.com/#" & langFrom & "/" & langTo & "/" & Text

Set IE = New InternetExplorer

IE.Visible = False
IE.Navigate URL

    Do Until IE.ReadyState = 4

    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:5"))

    Do Until IE.ReadyState = 4

    AutoTranslate = IE.Document.getElementByID("result_box").innerText


    Set IE = Nothing

End Function

One of the modern solution using Google Translation API To Enable Google Translation API, first you should create the project and credentials. If you receive 403 (Daily Limit), you need to add payment method into your Google Cloud Account, then you will get results instantly.

Private Function GoogleTranslateJ(ByVal text, ByVal resLang, ByVal srcLang) As String
Dim jsonProvider As Object

Dim jsonResult As Object
Dim jsonResultText As String

Dim googleApiUrl As String
Dim googleApiKey As String

Dim resultText As String

Set jsonProvider = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")

text = Replace(text, " ", "%20")
googleApiKey = "ijHF28h283fjijefiwjeofij90f2h923" 'YOUR GOOGLE API KEY

googleApiUrl = "https://translation.googleapis.com/language/translate/v2?key=" & googleApiKey & "&source=" & srcLang & "&target=" & resLang & "&q=" & text

jsonProvider.Open "POST", googleApiUrl, False
jsonProvider.setRequestHeader "Content-type", "application/text"
jsonProvider.send ("")
jsonResultText = jsonProvider.responseText

Set jsonResult = JsonConverter.ParseJson(jsonResultText)
Set jsonResult = jsonResult("data")
Set jsonResult = jsonResult("translations")
Set jsonResult = jsonResult(1)

resultText = jsonResult("translatedText")

GoogleTranslateJ = resultText
End Function
  • Thanks for this code. Library for JsonConverter not defined in Excel VBA. Did you mean to link to this: codingislove.com/excel-json? If so, it would've been nice to have included it. – David Addison Aug 16 '18 at 18:18

Update: Improved For Each v In arr_Response-iteration, allowing special charactors. Added mouse-cursor change, when translation is processing. Added an example on how to improve the translated output_string.

There are a majority of free translation API's outthere, but none really seems to beat Googles Translation Service, GTS (in my opinion). As a result of Googles' restrictions on the free GTS-usage, the best VBA-approach seems to be narrowed down to the IE.navigation - as Santosh's answer also emphasizes.

Using this approach, causes some problematics. The IE-instans doesn't know when the page is fully loaded, and IE.ReadyState is really not trusthworthy. Therefore the coder has to add "delays" using the Application.Wait function. When using this function, you are just guessing how long it would take, before the page is fully loaded. In situations where the internet is really slow, this hardcoded time, might not be enough. The following code fixes this, with the ImprovedReadyState.

In situations where a sheet has different columns, and you want to add different translation into every cell, I find the best approach where the translation-string is assigned to the ClipBoard, rather then calling a VBA-Function from within the formula. Thereby you can easily paste the translation, and modify it as a string.

Columns in Excel

How to use:

  1. Insert the procedures into a custom VBA-Module
  2. Change the 4 Const's to your desire (see upper TranslationText)
  3. Assign a shortkey to fire the TranslationText-procedure

Shortkey Excel

  1. Activate the cell you want to translate. Required the first row to end with a language-tag. Etc. "_da", "_en", "_de". If you want another functionality, you change ws_ActiveWS.Cells(r_ActiveCell.Row, r_InputRange.Column)

enter image description here

  1. Press the shortkey from 4. (etc. CTRL + SHIRT + S). See proces in your processbar (bottom of excel). Paste (CTRL+V) when translation done is displayed:

enter image description here Translation done

    Option Explicit

    'Description: Translates content, and put the translation into ClipBoard
    'Required References: MIS (Microsoft Internet Control)
    Sub TranslateText()

    'Change Const's to your desire
    Const INPUT_RANGE As String = "table_products[productname_da]"
    Const INPUT_LANG As String = "da"
    Const PROCESSBAR_INIT_TEXT As String = "Processing translation. Please wait... "
    Const PROCESSBAR_DONE_TEXT As String = "Translation done. "

    Dim ws_ActiveWS As Worksheet
    Dim r_ActiveCell As Range, r_InputRange As Range
    Dim s_InputStr As String, s_InputLang As String, s_OutputLang As String, arr_Response() As String, s_Translation As String
    Dim o_IE As Object, o_MSForms_DataObject As Object
    Dim i As Long
    Dim v As Variant

    Set o_MSForms_DataObject = CreateObject("new:{1C3B4210-F441-11CE-B9EA-00AA006B1A69}")
    Set ws_ActiveWS = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet
    Set r_ActiveCell = ActiveCell
    Set o_IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    Set r_InputRange = ws_ActiveWS.Range(INPUT_RANGE)

    'Update statusbar ("Processing translation"), and change cursor
    Application.Statusbar = PROCESSBAR_INIT_TEXT
    Application.Cursor = xlWait

    'Declare inputstring (The string you want to translate from)
    s_InputStr = ws_ActiveWS.Cells(r_ActiveCell.Row, r_InputRange.Column)

    'Find the output-language
    s_OutputLang = Right(ws_ActiveWS.Cells(1, r_ActiveCell.Column).Value, 2)

    'Navigate to translate.google.com
    With o_IE

        .Visible = False 'Run IE in background
        .Navigate "http://translate.google.com/#" & INPUT_LANG & "/" _
            & s_OutputLang & "/" & s_InputStr

        'Call improved IE.ReadyState
        Loop Until Not .Busy

        'Split the responseText from Google
        arr_Response = Split(.Document.getElementById("result_box").innerHTML, "<span class")

        'Remove html from response, and construct full-translation-string
        For Each v In arr_Response
            s_Translation = s_Translation & Replace(v, "<span>", "")
            s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, "</span>", "")
            s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, """", "")
            s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, "=hps>", "")
            s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, "=atn>", "")
            s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, "=hps atn>", "")

            'Improve translation.
            'This could etc. be moved to seperate sheets (containing every language), and make the lookup in a dynamic table/sheet. Futurely it'd be possible to hook on the changeevent, and automatically improve the translation-algoritmen.
            'If Google can't translate the etc. the word "Lys", you can extend the translation, with an auto correction. This example shows to autocorrect the word "Lys" -> "ljus". 
            If (s_OutputLang = "sv") Then
                s_Translation = Replace(s_Translation, "lys", "ljus")
            End if
        Next v

        'Put Translation into Clipboard
        o_MSForms_DataObject.SetText s_Translation

        If (s_Translation <> vbNullString) Then
            'Put Translation into Clipboard
            o_MSForms_DataObject.SetText s_Translation

            'Update statusbar ("Translation done"). If the input_string is above 70 chars (which is roughly the limitation in processbar), then cut the string, and extend with "...".
            Application.Statusbar = PROCESSBAR_DONE_TEXT & """" & IIf(Len(s_InputStr) < 70, s_InputStr, Mid(s_InputStr, 1, 70) & "...") & """"
            'Update statusbar ("Error")
            Application.Statusbar = PROCESSBAR_ERROR_TEXT
        End If


        'Change cursor back to default
        Application.Cursor = xlDefault

        Set o_MSForms_DataObject = Nothing
        Set ws_ActiveWS = Nothing
        Set r_ActiveCell = Nothing
        Set o_IE = Nothing

    End With

End Sub

Sub ImprovedReadyState()

    Dim si_PauseTime As Single: si_PauseTime = 1 'Set duration
    Dim si_Start As Single: si_Start = Timer 'Set start-time
    Dim si_Finish As Single 'Set end-time
    Dim si_TotalTime As Single 'Calculate total time.

    Do While Timer < (si_Start + si_PauseTime)

    si_Finish = Timer

    si_TotalTime = (si_Finish - si_Start)

End Sub

The answer posted by Unicco is great!

I removed the table stuff and made it work off a single cell, but the result is the same.

With some of the text I translate (operation instructions in a manufacturing context) Google occasionally adds crap to the return string, sometimes even doubling the response, using additional <"span"> constructs.

I added the following line to the code right after 'Next v':

s_Translation = RemoveSpan(s_Translation & "")

And created this function (add to the same module):

Private Function RemoveSpan(Optional InputString As String = "") As String

Dim sVal As String
Dim iStart As Integer
Dim iEnd As Integer
Dim iC As Integer
Dim iL As Integer

If InputString = "" Then
    RemoveSpan = ""
    Exit Function
End If

sVal = InputString

' Look for a "<span"
iStart = InStr(1, sVal, "<span")

Do While iStart > 0 ' there is a "<span"
    iL = Len(sVal)
    For iC = iStart + 5 To iL
        If Mid(sVal, iC, 1) = ">" Then Exit For ' look for the first ">" following the "<span"
    If iC < iL Then ' then we found a "<"
        If iStart > 1 Then ' the "<span" was not in the beginning of the string
            sVal = Left(sVal, iStart - 1) & Right(sVal, iL - iC) ' grab to the left of the "<span" and to the right of the ">"
        Else ' the "<span" was at the beginning
            sVal = Right(sVal, iL - iC) ' grap to the right of the ">"
        End If
    End If
    iStart = InStr(1, sVal, "<span") ' look for another "<span"
    RemoveSpan = sVal
End Function

In retrospect, I realize I could have done this more efficiently, but, it works and I am moving on!

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