I am trying to change a mp4 video file's MIME that is stored on Amazon S3.

I tried searching under the properties listing when you right click and then the meta-data drop down. But there is no option for that there.

How do you I do that?


The issue does seem be to change the MIME in S3.

To be more specific, you need to log into Amazon S3 Console

enter image description here

  • Right on the file you need to change (or select them)
  • click on properties
  • click on metadata
  • HIGHLIGHT the text in "value" category (because "video/mp4" will not be in the drop down)
  • manually type in "video/mp4"
  • hit save

To change the content type, find the object in the AWS Console, go to the Properties tab and under Metadata add a Content-Type key with the required MIME type as the value for that key (e.g. video/mp4).

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