Can I define custom value for table modified field in CakePHP?

Something like that:

$data = array('modified' => date('2013-09-09 22:01:14'));
$this->Model->save($data, false);
  • I found one way for solving problem. Using query function. – Scofield Sep 30 '13 at 18:56

If you carefully read what the cookbook says

CakePHP will [..] populate them automatically whenever a record is created or saved to the database (unless the data being saved already contains a value for these fields).


If you have created or modified data in your $this->data (e.g. from a Model::read or Model::set) before a Model::save() then the values will be taken from $this->data and not automagically updated.

So all you need to do is

$data = array(
    'Model' => array(
        'modified' => date('2013-09-09 22:01:14')

Using query() should be the last resort if everything else fails.

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