I have a question for the ember-leaflet library and the right use of popups.

The following example from the ember-leaflet website uses the library to add markers and linked popups. It also illustrates how to add content for the popups via content binding.

RadMarkersApp = Ember.Application.create();
RadMarkersApp.MarkerLayer =
    EmberLeaflet.PopupMixin, {
  popupContentBinding: 'content.title'

RadMarkersApp.MarkerCollectionLayer =
    content: [{
      location: L.latLng(40.7127, -74.0060),
      title: 'City Hall'}],
    itemLayerClass: RadMarkersApp.MarkerLayer

RadMarkersApp.IndexView =
    childLayers: [

Now I would like to be able to use a view or Handlebars template for the popupContent property here. Does somebody have any ideas how to implement this? Are there any best practices for this scenario?

My first approach:

App.MarkerLayer =
    EmberLeaflet.PopupMixin, {

    popupContent: function() {
      // Render view (how to get?) or handlebars template
      return Ember.TEMPLATES['popup-content'](this.get('content'))

This leads to the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'push' of undefined 

Hope somebody can help.


I'm a little idiot not beeing able to look up helpfull functions in the documentation.

I was able to fix this with a little hack and the help of Ember.View#createElement:

App.MarkerLayer = EmberLeaflet.MarkerLayer.extend(EmberLeaflet.PopupMixin, {
  popupContent: function() {
    view = this.view = this._parentLayer.createChildView('map-popup');
    view.set('context', this.get('content'));

    return view.get('element');

Hope this will help others.

  • Seems a bit "hacky" to me. It seems a bit like messing with Ember's internal state (I could be wrong, as a newcomer to Ember). In either case, did you ever find a cleaner/better way to do this? – elsurudo Jan 23 '14 at 20:10
  • Just tried this, and getting the following error: "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'createChildView'". Tips? – elsurudo Jan 23 '14 at 20:23
  • Fixed it by replacing your first line in the function with "view = this.view = this._parentLayer.createChildLayer(App.MapPopupView)". Maybe due to Ember versions... I'm getting a deprecation warning that "Using the defaultContainer is no longer supported. [defaultContainer#lookup] see: git.io/EKPpnA". No idea what that means yet, but will have to look into it. – elsurudo Jan 23 '14 at 20:40
  • Yes, I know, this fix/hack is not nearly complete. It was there reason I moved away from Ember because it often complicate things in special situations like this. I recommand to take a fresh look into the Ember-Leaflet library again. I think they fixed and added some features to help us with variable content. – Johnny Feb 10 '15 at 7:44

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