I'm currently building a website using php that won't need regular updating and I thought of using static site generators as it will have a blog like feature. However my website contains a form the will link with a database and the problem i'm having is that the static site generators don't recognize and parse php.

I am currently considering using one of three static site generators -Jekyll -wintersmith - Piecrust

I was wondering if this can be done or are static site generators just for static pages

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In Jekyll, you can use the {% raw %} tag to avoid processing a specific part of your files. For example:

This will be {% raw %}<?php echo("parsed"); ?>{% endraw %} correctly.

After processing, the above should be translated to This will be <?php echo("parsed"); ?> correctly.

If you are hosting Jekyll generated website into a regular web server with php, you might need to generate index.php instead of index.html.

To do so, you can define permalink in that exact page in the front matter area:

layout: default
title: Some page title
permalink: somelink/index.php

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