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Is Pentaho Data Integration aka Kettle suitable for Flow-Based Programming FBP?

Kettle is an ETL(Extraction, Transformation and Loading) Tool and is based on FBP concepts

There is User Defined Java Class step and has a SDK so you can extend Kettle and you can integrate Kettle with Java Web Apps.

Is possible to build a web application using only Kettle with custom plugin?

Worth it write a custom plugin for web apps?

Which are the missing steps in Kettle for web development?

I should go for noflojs and leave Java?

JavaFBP is a java implementation of FBP. I can use JavaFBP to build a component that for example reads an Excel file. But this component already exist in Kettle!

My purpose is do some research and build a prototype not a real application.

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I would say so yes. Kettle is being used in a lot of use cases these days which are not typical ETL.


  1. At the recent PCM event in Lisbon we saw the use of PDI to manage "builds" and deployments of solutions.

  2. Sparkl - This is a biggie. Sparkl is a plugin builder framework for Pentaho which lets you use CDE to build the UI and Kettle to do the server based work. It's very clever and I recommend looking out for the video from the Pentaho Community Meetup. When you've built your app it can be zipped up as a pentaho platform plugin and distributed on the Marketplace.

  3. Streaming - There are various cases now of kettle behaving more like an ESB where you have an endless transformation or job processing data as it arrives.

Also Kettle 5 has a whole bunch of new plugin technology, and "extension points" so kettle is starting to become a platform in itself, in which you can do any manner of data related activities!

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Thanks, That is what I was looking for, someone that tell me that I'm not crazy. – Juan Rojas Oct 10 '13 at 17:10

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