Is it possible to select every other group of three in CSS? And if it is; how?

So in the sample below apply style to the 4-6 and 10-12 lis.


I know [pure] JavaScript and jQuery can do this but I am looking for a pure CSS solution if it exists.


You're looking for nth-child:

ul li:nth-child(6n+4),ul li:nth-child(6n+5),ul li:nth-child(6n+6) {



You could achieve this with a single selector, using a combination of :not and :nth-child.

ul > li:not(:nth-child(6n+1)):not(:nth-child(6n+2)):not(:nth-child(6n+3))  {

jsFiddle here

Using that selector by itself is pretty useless, though, considering you cannot style the other elements.

ul > li:not(:nth-child(6n+4)):not(:nth-child(6n+5)):not(:nth-child(6n+6))  {

Using a combination of both will allow you to style everything, see the demo.

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