i'm trying to play few videos. And got error:

python2.6: ../../src/xcb_io.c:183: process_responses: Assertion `!(req && current_request && !(((long) (req->sequence) - (long) (current_request)) <= 0))' failed.

I think some error in threads, and pygame movie player.

In documentation on pygame wrote:

The video overlay planes are drawn on top of everything in the display window. To draw the movie as normal graphics into the display window, create an offscreen Surface and set that as the movie target. Then once per frame blit that surface to the screen

Could give me example anybody?

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((1024, 768))
background = pygame.Surface((1024, 768))

screen.blit(background, (0, 0))

movie = pygame.movie.Movie('media/video.mpg')
mrect = pygame.Rect(0,0,140,113)
movie.set_display(screen, mrect.move(65, 150))

mrect2 = pygame.Rect(0,0,140,113)
movie2 = pygame.movie.Movie('media/video2.mpg')
movie2.set_display(screen, mrect2.move(350, 150))
  • Your code is fine so far. Which OS, pygame- and libxcb-version are you using? – sloth Oct 2 '13 at 10:14
  • ubuntu 10.10, pygame current version. This topic may be closed. – Anshik Dec 4 '13 at 12:45

you are setting both videos on the same screen, that might be the cause of a multi-tread error. Try defining new Surfaces for each movie and blit those on the screen

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