I am using distutil to install my python code using

python setup.py install

I run into problems when I want to install an older branch of my code over a new one: setup.py install won't overwrite older files. A work around is touching (touch <filename>) all files so they are forced to be newer than those installed, but this is pretty ugly.

What I am looking for is an option to force overwriting of all files, eg. something like

python setup.py --force install

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Juergen


The Python developers had the same idea, they just put the option after the command:

python setup.py install --force

The distutils documentation doesn't mention the --force option specifically, but you can find it by using the --help option:

python setup.py --help install
  • Note, the --force overwrites, and does not remove files. I find I depend on pip uninstall <package> when I need to switch versions. Otherwise, you do not know what is lurking. If pip is not an option, then I think you have to manually remove /bin/<package-programs> and /lib/python/site-packages/<package>. Again, pip is your friend. – zerocog Aug 21 '17 at 18:51

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