i have 3 set of radio buttons while selecting any one of them i have to get the value of that radio.

iam using following code

Daily<input type="radio" id="rad" value="daily" />
Weekly<input type="radio" id="rad" name="case" value="weekly"/>
None<input type="radio" id="rad" name="case" value="none"/>

it alerts the radio button value first time only and multiple radio button seems to be as selected.


id of an element must be unique, so in this case you need to find the checked radio button with name case

For that you can use the attribute equals selector along with :checked selector

Daily <input type="radio" id="rad" name="case" value="daily" />
Weekly <input type="radio" id="rad" name="case" value="weekly" />
None <input type="radio" id="rad" name="case" value="none" />


Your problem may be in how you are detecting the change in event, you can do something like this:

$('container input:radio').click(function(){


:radio is short for [type=radio]

substitute container for the container, or use input#radio in the case of your example. Generally it isn't a good idea to assign the same id to a bunch of inputs


Just to be a pedant - as Arun P Johny wrote IDs must be unique, but in his example he left the duplicate IDs in.

It should be:

Daily <input type="radio" name="case" value="daily" />
Weekly <input type="radio" name="case" value="weekly" />
None <input type="radio" name="case" value="none" />

See Two radio buttons share one "id"? for more details.

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