I need to split dates between two and ignore saturday and sunday from it. Built in function on 0.11.1 will help to get day of the week but how to find out whether that is saturday or Sunday? Anyone has any idea of it? My expected output described below.


User Fromdate Todate

Raj 10/3/2013 10/8/2013

James 10/4/2013 10/7/2013


Expected Output:

Raj 10/3/2013

Raj 10/4/2013

Raj 10/7/2013

Raj 10/8/2013

James 10/4/2013

James 10/7/2013


Since the Pig DateTime objects are really Unix epoch time in milliseconds, this can be easily done with out-of-the-box Pig operators.

(DaysBetween(ToDate('10/3/2013','MM/dd/yyyy'),ToDate(0L)) + 4L) % 7    
  • Yields a long in range 0...6, where 0 = Sun, 1 = Mon, ... etc
  • 0L represents 1/1/1970, a Thursday
  • Adding 4L days makes 0 = Sunday

Satisfy yourself that this is so from Unix command line:

$>  date -d '1/1/1970' +%w-%a   
$>  date -d '10/3/2013' +%w-%a  

Of course, if you are comfortable with UDF, and this is a commonly occurring requirement, that's the best solution.

Carter Shore


You'll need to write a UDF. You can use Java's Calendar class to do this.


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