I am following this question ---> Spring MVC: How to perform validation?

Here is my controllers code

   @RequestMapping(value = "saveBankDetails.htm", method = RequestMethod.POST)
   public ModelAndView saveBankDetails(ModelMap model ,@Valid @ModelAttribute("SpringWeb")BankDetails bean, 
           BindingResult result){
                    return new ModelAndView("error/error", "command",new String());
                    return new ModelAndView("bankDetails/bankDetails", "command",bean);     

BankDetails bean contains ArrayList of EntityBankDetails. I have applied validation to a field of EntityBankDetail as shown

public class EntityBankDetail {
    @Size(max = 3)
    private String nameOfBank;
    private Double EMIforProposedLoan;
    private String nameOfBranch;
    private String accountType;
    private String accountNumber;
    private String applicantType;
//Getters and Setters

And i enter more than 3 characters in BankDetail field such that i get the output of controller on console as


Why is my validation not working? What is it that i am doing wrong ? Please Advice..

Edit to include BankDetailBean

 * This class represent the entire Bank Details Page. It can contain 0-4 EntityBankDetais 
 * */
public class BankDetails {

    private ArrayList<EntityBankDetail> bankDetails;

    private String[] entities;
    @Size(max = 1)
    private int noOfBankDetails;

    public ArrayList<EntityBankDetail> getBankDetails() {
        return bankDetails;
    public void setBankDetails(ArrayList<EntityBankDetail> bankDetails) {
        this.bankDetails = bankDetails;
    public String[] getEntities() {
        return entities;
    public void setEntities(String[] entities) {
        this.entities = entities;
    public int getNoOfBankDetails() {
        return noOfBankDetails;
    public void setNoOfBankDetails(int noOfBankDetails) {
        this.noOfBankDetails = noOfBankDetails;

I get error on this bean that Class EntityBankDetail cannot be resolved to type. Both are in same package why so ??

  • Post your BankDetails bean. – M. Deinum Oct 3 '13 at 10:00
  • 1
    Add @Valid to your bankDetails property. Otherwise the validator won't check it. – Pavel Horal Oct 3 '13 at 11:23

As you are using spring-mvc, you should specify <mvc:annotation-driven /> in your application context configuration to be able to use JSR-303 validation in your controllers. Or you can configure your instance of LocalValidatorFactoryBean and pass it inside <mvc:annotation-driven validator="yourValidator" />.

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