When using CMake's include_directories command, there is a way to specify whether a given directory is a system include directory.

For various reasons, though, I have to resort to using set_target_properties to specify different include paths for different targets in the same scope, by setting INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property of the target.

The problem is, however, that I could not figure out how to tell CMake that a directory is a system directory so it uses -isystem instead of -I when possible. Mainly because the property is simply a list of directory paths and does not have any flags.

I thought there could be SYSTEM_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES, but I could not find any mention of that.

Any thoughts on how to go about this?


The correct way to add system directories is to use the SYSTEM option of the include_directories command:

include_directories(SYSTEM "/foo/bar")

If include_directories is not an option, you can specify a system include directory by directly modifying the target's COMPILE_FLAGS property:

set_target_properties(main PROPERTIES APPEND_STRING PROPERTY 

The variable CMAKE_INCLUDE_SYSTEM_FLAG_CXX usually resolves to -isystem on UNIX systems.

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  • I see. That's a bit tough, but I can live with it. Thanks! – user405725 Oct 4 '13 at 1:52

In CMake 2.8.12, the target_include_directories() command learned the SYSTEM keyword:


CMake 3.0.0 (the next release) will treat all directories listed in dependent IMPORTED targets as SYSTEM by default.


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  • Pffff... Just checked my version, it is 2.8.11. I guess I will leave with manually tweaking compile flags, hehe. Thanks for the update, though, it is helpful! – user405725 Oct 18 '13 at 22:32

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