I would like to run a query in meteor and limit the number of field returned to only 5. Here is my code :

var courses =  Courses.find(
    {   day_of_week : {$in: day_selector}, 
        price : {$gt : price_min, $lt : price_max}, 
        starts : {$gt : schedule_min},
        ends : {$lt : schedule_max}}, 
            {limit : 10});
return courses;

However when I do this, I get all the courses that fit the selector in the console log and not only 10 of those. In the template everything is fine and only 10 courses are displayed.

I looked at this question : Limit number of results in Meteor on the server side?

but it did not help as I am not using specifics _id fields for my courses, I am using specific _id fields but for other collections though.

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Currently, the server is sending over your entire collection of courses and you are just filtering them to 10 on the client side. You can actually create a reactive subscription/publication to set the limit dynamically, or you could just limit the amount of records sent on the server

Meteor.publish('courses', function(limit) {
  //default limit if none set
  var dl = limit || 10;
  return Posts.find({}, {limit: dl});

Meteor.subscribe('courses', Session.get('limit'));

And then set the limit dynamically by using an event that calls:

Session.set('limit', 5);
  • Great answer, but the template that uses courses isn't rendered when the session changes. Any idea why that may be?
    – Stefan
    Jan 26, 2014 at 15:55
  • 5
    I've been searching the net for hours for a solution before posting above comment. And one minute after I did, I found the solution: Deps.autorun(function() { Meteor.subscribe("courses", Session.get("limit")); });
    – Stefan
    Jan 26, 2014 at 16:00

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