I have a string: "www.google.com.sdg.jfh.sd"

I want to find the first ".s" string that is found after "sdg".

so I have the index of "sdg", by:

var start_index = str.indexOf("sdg");

now I need to find the first ".s" index that is found after "sdg"

any help appreciated!

  • What do you mean by "find the first .s index"? You want to find its position in the string? – matewka Oct 3 '13 at 15:17

This code might be helpful

var string = "www.google.com.sdg.jfh.sd",
  preString = "sdg",
  searchString = ".s",
  preIndex = string.indexOf(preString),
  searchIndex = preIndex + string.substring(preIndex).indexOf(searchString);

You can test it HERE

  • This concept is perfect when using regex for getting the index. indexOf(string), the next answer is obviously better, but in case of new RegExp(searchString, "g").exec(text).index, this is awesome. :-) – Ionică Bizău Dec 31 '15 at 15:35
  • 1
    Fails when var string = "www.s.g.soogle.com.sdg.jfh.sd"; – Aadhirai R Nov 30 '18 at 11:00

There's a second parameter which controls the starting position of search:

String.prototype.indexOf(arg, startPosition);

So you can do

str.indexOf('s', start_index);
var str = "www.google.com.sdg.jfh.sd";
var search = "sdg";
var start_index = str.substring(str.indexOf(search) + search.length).indexOf(".s");

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