Is it possible to add the word "at" between a Date and Time format? I tried to add it just like this "dddd, d MMM, yyyy at HH:mm" but the webapp is tranforming it into "aA" or "aP" depending of regional configuration CA or AU

Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now.ToString("dddd, d MMM, yyyy at HH:mm"));

I forgot to say. I must be as a format string and no complex or concat functions.


Yes, you need to escape the word by putting it in ' marks dddd, d MMM, yyyy 'at' HH:mm

Custom DateTime string formatting

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    The link also shows that "t" will be replaced with AM/PM, explaining the initial results. – Henk Holterman Oct 3 '13 at 16:00
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    +1 The link also shows that Google can find you the answer very quickly... ;) – Jamie - Fenrir Digital Ltd Oct 3 '13 at 16:01
Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now.ToString("dddd, d MMM, yyyy 'at' HH:mm"));

The other answers are far better, but:

var now = DateTime.Now;

var str = now.ToString("d MMM yyyy") + " at " + now.ToString("HH:mm");

or closer to your formatting:

var str = now.ToString("dddd, d MMM, yyyy") + " at " + now.ToString("HH:mm");

Improving @DaveDev answer using C# 6's String Interpolation

var now = DateTime.Now;
Console.WriteLine($"{now:dddd, d MMM, yyyy} at {now:HH:mm}");

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