I have a table

Roles(id int,,name vachar(50),role enum(CAD,CA,CM,CV ))

I want select data that order by specific values in specific order . My active model query: role.order('role asc') then the result:

1 name1 CAD
2 name2 CA
3 name2 CM

But I want the result like:

1 name1 CAD
2 name2 CM
3 name2 CA

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance


A portable solution would be to use a CASE statement as an inlined map in your ORDER BY:

    case role
    when 'CAD' then 1
    when 'CM'  then 2
    when 'CA'  then 3

Keep in mind that you can ORDER BY any expression you want and a CASE certainly is an expression in SQL.

  • Awesome,Thanks a lot – chinh Oct 4 '13 at 4:39

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