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I would like to copy the directory path, which was selected by user, to label (C++ Bulder 6.0)

Label->Caption=SelectDirectory("Select a folder:", "", RootDir);

But, I am getting the following error:

E2015 Ambiguity between '_fastcall System::AnsiString::AnsiString(char)'
and '_fastcall System::AnsiString::AnsiString(short)' [C++ Error]

Please tell, how to properly convert the result of SelectDirectory function, so I could display it in Label?

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The return value of SelectDirectory is a bool, not a String. AnsiString does not have any constructors for bool values, but it does have constructors for char and short values, both of which a bool can be implicitly converted to, thus the ambiguity. Try this code instead:

AnsiString selectedDir;

if(SelectDirectory("Select a folder:", "", selectedDir))
    Label->Caption = selectedDir;
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