I have a tablix box that has a division expression. When dividing by zero or nulls I get #Error displayed in my report. I tried to create an IIF statement and tested with static values. This verified my syntax was correct but I still see the error on my reports.

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=IIF(Sum(Fields!CY_Dollars.Value)=0, 0, (Sum(Fields!CY_Dollars.Value) - Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value))/(Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value)))

So I'm taking Current year dollars, subtracting Previous year dollars, and dividing that total by previous year dollars to get the percentage change. Is there a trick to this that I'm not getting?!

  • You mentioned that there are nulls in your data? Try nesting each field call in a NULL replacement function. For example, I would the format IIF(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value = Nothing, 0, Fields!PY_Dollars.Value = Nothing) for each Fields!PY_Dollars.Value in the current formula. Better yet, handle the nulls in the source query instead. – Eric Hauenstein Oct 4 '13 at 19:59
  • The condition in your IIF statement is not checking for zero denominator (you are checking for zero in CY, not PY value). Instead, try: =IIF(Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value)=0, 0, (Sum(Fields!CY_Dollars.Value) - Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value))/(Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value))) – rpyzh Feb 14 '14 at 3:23

You can add a function to your report code that handles the divide by zero condition, this makes it a bit easier to implement in multiple cells, e.g.

Public Function Divider (ByVal Dividend As Double, ByVal Divisor As Double)
If IsNothing(Divisor) Or Divisor = 0
  Return 0
  Return Dividend/Divisor
End If
End Function 

You can then call this in a cell like so:

=Code.Divider(Fields!FieldA.Value, Fields!FieldB.Value)
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  • can we use Code.Divider() custom function in SQL or MDX within dataset ? Silly but I want something like this to avoid multiline IIF expressions in my huge MDX :( – Aditya May 29 '14 at 13:45
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    This function can only be used in the report design surface, not in a SQL or MDX query. There are a number of approaches for handling divide-by-zero calculations in MDX, e.g. bidn.com/blogs/dustinryan/ssis/465/…, but if you have SQL Server 2012 or later you can use the new Divide() function which does a similar job to the above code. – Nathan Griffiths Jun 3 '14 at 0:41
  • Divide function works like what I want. Thanks alot @Nathan. +1 to comment :) – Aditya Jun 4 '14 at 9:48
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    dont you have to define a return type? Is it not necessary? – Emil Jan 14 '15 at 9:03
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    I wish I could upvote this like 1000 times. Thanks man, perfect solution. – LittleTreeX Mar 10 '15 at 21:49

I suspect you're running into the issue where SSRS doesn't actually short circuit an IIF statement; even though you're checking for 0, you're still going to hit a divide by zero error.

Try something like:

=IIf(Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value) = 0, 0, Sum(Fields!CY_Dollars.Value) - Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value))
  / IIf(Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value) = 0, 1, Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value))

Using two IIf statements means you avoid the error by using the equation 0/1 when Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value) = 0, thus just returning 0.

Also note that the above expression is checking Sum(Fields!PY_Dollars.Value) = 0, but yours is checking Sum(Fields!CY_Dollars.Value) = 0 - the denominator needs the zero check here.

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To avoid the overhead of maintaining code, the solution below feels tidiest to me. It avoids the division by zero in the denominator by adding the smallest possible Double value to it (Double.Epsilon, which is 4.94e-324). This value's way too small to affect the value of the fraction for anything people would use SSRS for. It also avoids nesting IIF functions.

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