The documentation says the org.apache.http.entity.mime.MultipartEntity class is deprecated. Could anybody please suggest me an alternative ?

I am using this in my code like this:

entity.addPart("params", new StringBody("{\"auth\":{\"key\":\""
            + authKey + "\"},\"template_id\":\"" + templateId + "\"}"));
entity.addPart("my_file", new FileBody(image));

If you read the docs carefully, you'll notice that you should use MultipartEntityBuilder as an alternative.

For example:

MultipartEntityBuilder builder = MultipartEntityBuilder.create();        

/* example for setting a HttpMultipartMode */

/* example for adding an image part */
FileBody fileBody = new FileBody(new File(image)); //image should be a String
builder.addPart("my_file", fileBody); 
//and so on

Note that there are several constructors for the FileBody class, by which you can provide mimeType, content type, etc.

After you're done with passing build instructions to the builder, you can get the built HttpEntity by invoking the MultipartEntityBuilder#build() method:

HttpEntity entity = builder.build();
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    Can i ask you when i post image as multipartfile .. should i set header for httppost as httppost.setheader("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data;boundary=" + boundary); some thing like this ?
    – Mycoola
    Mar 11 '15 at 13:27
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    Now, MultipartEntityBuilder is not longer part of Android, as API 23. How to deal with multipart/form-data in that case?
    – webo80
    Sep 4 '15 at 10:23
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    @kocko thanks anyway, but it was not helpful for me, it only indicates some guidelines, not at much technical level
    – webo80
    Sep 4 '15 at 12:02
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    HttpEntity is also deprecated now. So can't use builder.buid(). What is alternative? Dec 12 '15 at 13:40
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    i cannot. error is 'addPart(org.apache.http.entity.mime.FormBodyPart)' is not public in 'org.apache.http.entity.mime.MultipartEntityBuilder'. Cannot be accessed from outside package
    – Lei Yang
    Jun 30 '20 at 6:33

I still see so many tutorials still using the deprecated APIs which is what lead me to this post. For the benefit of future visitors (until this API gets deprecated ;) )

File image = "...."; 
FileBody fileBody = new FileBody(image);
MultipartEntityBuilder builder = MultipartEntityBuilder.create()
                         .addTextBody("params", "{....}")
                         .addPart("my_file", fileBody);
HttpEntity multiPartEntity = builder.build();

String url = "....";
HttpPost httpPost = new HttpPost(url);
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    HttpEntity is depricated Jun 18 '17 at 4:07
  • it's only deprecated for android sdk. it's still just fine to use anywhere else. org.apache.commons.HttpEntity is not deprecated.
    – liltitus27
    Nov 14 '17 at 21:50
  • what's difference between addTextBody and addPart?
    – Lei Yang
    May 23 '18 at 14:50
  • addPart is private. Oct 14 '18 at 18:01
  • @TrevorHart as of latest version 4.5.6, addPart still seems to be a public API, see latest API docs
    – Neo
    Oct 14 '18 at 18:22

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