I've installed node.js for Macintosh using the lastest installer for Macintosh. I now want to check that /usr/local/bin is in my $PATH, as the installer instructed. I've opened up the Terminal application and researched help on the net, but I'm lost, as to how to accomplish the above, then start the node.js process. Can anyone clear this up? Thank you for very much.

  • /usr/local/bin is automatically added to $PATH by /etc/profile from /etc/paths, so you never have to worry about adding this yourself. – so-user Jun 18 at 19:15

echo $PATH will print your path. If you see /usr/local/bin between some colons, then it's in your path.

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open terminal and type the command below

echo $PATH

You should see something like this


the presence of /usr/local/bin in the output means you are good to go

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