I want to build a standalone binary file for windowz(xp, 7, ...) from my python3(+ PyQt5) script and I inevitably use cx_freeze because other freezing apps do not work with python3 (like py2exe, pyinstaller).

I read the cx_freeze docs and lots of stackoverflow asks ans use this config for setup.py‍‍‍ file :

import sys
from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable

path_platforms = ( "C:\Python33\Lib\site-packages\PyQt5\plugins\platforms\qwindows.dll", "platforms\qwindows.dll" )

includes = ["atexit","PyQt5.QtCore","PyQt5.QtGui", "PyQt5.QtWidgets"]
includefiles = [path_platforms]
excludes = [
    '_gtkagg', '_tkagg', 'bsddb', 'curses', 'email', 'pywin.debugger',
    'pywin.debugger.dbgcon', 'pywin.dialogs', 'tcl',
    'Tkconstants', 'Tkinter'
packages = ["os"]
path = []

# Dependencies are automatically detected, but it might need fine tuning.
build_exe_options = {
                     "includes":      includes, 
                     "include_files": includefiles,
                     "excludes":      excludes, 
                     "packages":      packages, 
                     "path":          path

# GUI applications require a different base on Windows (the default is for a
# console application).
base = None
exe = None
if sys.platform == "win32":
    exe = Executable(
      initScript = None,
      targetDir = r"dist",
      compress = True,
      copyDependentFiles = True,
      appendScriptToExe = False,
      appendScriptToLibrary = False,
      icon = None

      name = "telll",
      version = "0.1",
      author = 'me',
      description = "My GUI application!",
      options = {"build_exe": build_exe_options},
      executables = [exe]

run with:

python D:\imi\aptanaWorKPCworkspace\azhtel\setup.py build

This is my library that I used:

from PyQt5 import QtGui, QtCore, QtWidgets
import sys
from telGui import Ui_MainWindow
import mysql
import mysql.connector
from mysql.connector import errorcode

and this is my files in workspace:

list of workspace files

But this error happened (or another kind of errors).

error pic

Why this happened and what config for setup.py is good for pyqt5 app ??


Python3.3, PyQt5, Mysqlconnector.


I solved this problem with find another directory near the dist directory called build and all library files are in there, i delete targetDir = r"dist" part of setup.py and everythings is alright !

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    Yep - setting targetDir on the Executable alone puts it in a different directory from the rest of the files it needs. This is confusing, so I've filed an issue for it. – Thomas K Oct 7 '13 at 17:53

Try pyinstaller. It's much better than cxfreeze.

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